How to make God’s word be a part of you?

Let’s face it! Only few people around the world knows the word of God. Some have knowledge about it but don’t apply to their everyday living. In addition to this religion wars, and know-it-alls in bible verses are overrated these days. It’s ridiculous right? But, definitely true.

We forget that we have our daily obligation to God which is prayer and to put his words into our daily lives. How to know his words? Of course, by reading the bible and reflecting on it. But the problem with reading the bible is that it may not be interesting for others. This is why we came up with the idea to put bible verses and inspirational quotes to our crafting products. We gave it to friends as presents for any occasion. This way, we were able to help them to know and memorize the verses and inspirational quotes in the bible that served as their life motivation. From then, I realized that it’s time to share it to everyone in the world.

Personally, I feel incredibly blessed, honored and humble to be part of this work that will touch your heart for sure. Honestly, I find it fun and simply fascinating to know how God works. For me, making a hand crafted product and adding His words into it give me a lot of inspiration. It is also a creative way of engaging with scripture, while expressing our talent.

Make it simple and fun learning the words of God. Make reading the bible a habit or simply buy my products and enjoy the beauty and designs of it, this way you can easily memorize scriptures by looking at it in any part of your home. Apart from this, for every product you buy 1 percent of it is donated to the church or a religious organization.