About Us

Amen Paper Company started in 2014 and was founded by me and my best friend. We are new in the online business industry. It started as a hobby and for the love of God, combined with our passion to engage in business. Due to our prayers and dedication to our work, it turned into a huge success.

When we started, we faced many challenges in business. But we are proud to say that we were able to conquer it all with the help of prayers. We struggled due to overwhelming orders coming from the customers. When we started, it was only me and my best friend who worked to fulfill everything. Fortunately, due to good business, we were able to hire employees who worked with us. We were very lucky to find people who were skilled, passionate and also loved handcrafting and DIY. After that, we were able to open our own store in Texas and hire more employees to accommodate bulk orders from customers.

Due to the request of many, Amen Paper Company has expanded the variety of products that we have on offer. Now we have mugs, calendars, journals and cards. We also offer t-shirts, coasters, stickers, magnets, and many more.

At Amen Paper Company, we work very hard to offer our customers the best choices of products at the very best prices. We even personalize bulk products and provide these to our customers at the most affordable prices. To help keep our costs low, we cannot offer any sort of price-matching for individual items. However, we’re confident you’ll discover that we have the best overall prices and selection of products available anywhere in the world.

Amen Paper Company is all about doing our scripture hand crafted products for you to inspire in life with our quotes and bible verses.

Thank you, and please support our work.